Noble Nation Constitution

The Council of Elders
The Spirit of Government.
This is the Judiciary of a Noble Nation.
The Nation’s Patriarch/Matriarch who is the Head of State leads the council of 32 Elders. The Elders constitute the Judicial Framework and presides over the National Councils.

Judicial Framework
Courts of Wisdom
Courts of Compassion
Courts of Law
Courts of Arbitration
National Information Council
National Monetary Council
National Defence Council
National Services Council
Domestic Protection Council
Science & Technology Council
Foreign Relations Council

The National Executive
The Brains of Government.
This is the Executive of a Noble Nation.
The Nation’s President leads the 8 Vice Presidents and Directors of all Agencies.

Manages the Nation’s Frameworks, Systems, Services & Markets in 8 domains, each led by a Vice President
Life Requisites
Human Development
Enterprise Develpmnt
Consumer Economy
National Security

The Citizens Assembly
The Body of Government.
This is the Legislature of a Noble Nation.
A perfect Direct Democracy composed of every adult Citizen, the Secretary General and 8 Deputies facilitates the functioning of the assembly and citizens commissions.

Devolved Direct Democracy Framework
Devolved Service Delivery Framework
Citizens Commissions

Principles of Noble Government
formed of the citizenry
1 Principle of Citizens Democratic Assembly
2 Principle of Devolved Democracy
3 Principle of Citizens Commissions
purpose and duty
4 Principle of Government’s Purpose
5 Principle of Fundamental Duties of Government
6 Principle of First Applicability of Principles to Government
nature of operation
7 Principle of Governance through Frameworks & Systems
8 Principle of Taxless Government Finance
9 Principle of Pricing Government Services
10 Principle of Truthfulness & Transparency in Governance
11 Principle of Establishing the The National Executive
wise oversight by the supremacy of this constitution
12 Principle of Equal, Universal and Accessible Justice
13 Principle of Emergencies and their De-escalation
14 Principle of Enlargement through Goodwill & Compassion
15 Principle of Discernment & Disentanglement
16 Principle of Establishing The Council of Elders

The Founding Supramundane Wisdom of the Nation

Operating Frameworks
Provides standardised frameworks for essential economic enterprise in the nation.
Research Framework Enterprise Framework
Energy Framework Communications Framework
Logistics Framework Industrial Framework
Agricultural Framework
Food Framework
Urban Framework
Housing Framework
Medical Framework
Air Transport Framework
Land Transport Framework
Sea Transport Framework
Space Transport Framework
Program Framework

National Markets
Facilitates efficient, transparent, just and equitable trade within the Noble Economy.
Skills Market Resources Market
Goods Market Services Market
Equity Market Debt Market
Forex Market … other …
Market Framework
Innovation Framework
Creatives Framework
Reporting Framework
Standards Framework
Sustainability Framework
Liquidity Framework
Frameworks providing essential infrastructural support to the National Markets

Monetary System
Ensures the supply of money to all Citizens for value creation within the Noble Nation.

Social Credit System
National Reserve

Principles of Noble Economy
1 Principle of Prosperity & Value
2 Principle of Value Rooted in the Sovereign Individual
3 Principle of Value & Money
economic operation
4 Principle of Availability of Money for Value Creation (Social Credit)
5 Principle of Standardisation & Certification of Value
6 Principle of Transacting Value through Open & Transparent Markets
7 Principle of the Innovation & Creative Value Chains
8 Principle of the Sustainable Value Chain
9 Principle of Honorable Contract
10 Principle of High Frequency Economics
economic administration
11 Principle of Information Democratization
12 Principle of Decentralized Cellular Production
13 Principle of Economic Operation by Frameworks
14 Principle of Programs & Projects
15 Principle of Net Social Benefit Maximization
16 Principle of Continuous Improvement

The Founding Supramundane Wisdom of the Nation

The National Service
social association social association social association social association social association social association social association social association social association social association social association social association
Information Service
Reporting Service
Custodial Service
Emergency Service
Environmental Service
Health Service
Education Service
Spiritual Service
Family Service
Foreign Service
Association Framework
Principles of Merit, Honor, Data & Privacy are intrinsically built into the NIFs
Protection Framework
Health Framework
Education Framework
Spiritual Framework
Family Framework
Generosity Framework
Resource Framework

Principles of Noble Society
social association
1 Principle of Association
2 Principle of Social Merit
3 Principle of Honorable Conduct
social protection
4 Principle of Sensory Protection
5 Principle of Sexual Protection
6 Principle of Special Social Protections
7 Principle of Data Protection
8 Principle of Privacy Protection
social institution
9 Principle of Health
10 Principle of Education
11 Principle of Spiritual Endeavour
12 Principle of Family Association
social values
13 Principle of Universal Friendship
14 Principle of Generosity
15 Principle of Resource Allocation
16 Principle of National Service

The Founding Supramundane Wisdom of the Nation

from principle, rises forth …
The Noble Individual
Noble Conduct
Noble Ownership
Noble Organization
The Noble Nation
National Information

Principles of Noble Society
1 Principle of Universal Truth
2 Principle of Sovereignty of the Human Individual
3 Principle of Universal Root Law
4 Principle of Property
5 Principle of Science
6 Principle of Security

The Founding Supramundane Wisdom of the Nation

Institutions & Frameworks Established

Principles & Policies Established

The Constitution of the Noble Nation

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