The Root Law

1. All righteous law stems from the following Root Law:
i) The Five Root Universal Laws, original, long-standing, traditional and ancient are set down in the context of application in the Noble Nation as below…
1) No Individual may destroy human life
2) No Individual may take what is not given
3) No Individual may violate what is protected
4) No Individual may tell an untruth, where there is a formally stated expectation of truth
5) No Individual may subject another Individual to intoxicants or poison without their consent

ii) The extended Root Law on livelihoods
6) No entity may engage in the following restricted businesses without explicit authorization and regulation by the Nation. These specifically are …
(a) business in weapons
(b) business in human beings
(c) business in meat
(d) business in intoxicants
(e) business in poison

2. The Nation has jurisdiction over the violation of Root Law physically and in speech in accordance with this Constitution.
3. The violation of Root Law in thought is exclusively in the jurisdiction of Dharma-God-Nature.
4. Root Law applies universally irrespective of location.
5. Root Law applies universally irrespective of time.
6. There is but a single exception to this universal applicability of Root Law – that is…
Where it is rationally and compassionately shown to be absolutely necessary to prevent a greater contravention of these very same Root Laws.
… and there must never be any other exception.
7. Where ever this exception is exercised, the situation is deemed an Emergency.
8. Discerning the applicability of this exception is exclusively the duty and jurisdiction of the Judiciary of the Noble Nation and is non delegatable.
9. In the Noble Nation, all law must be applied in the manner of tracing to these Root Laws.
10. In the Noble Nation, there are only a few laws and principles that have to be protected. Every Citizen must be mindful of this supreme duty to abide by and protect the Root Law.

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