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  • A fundamental difference in Noble Economics is its stark opposition to the trickle down economics model which we call Trickle UP economics.
    Trickle Down Economics, which is prevelent in much of todays world, by its very nature and as proven over a century of practice, always tends to make the the rich richer and the poor poorer – resulting in an economy that is intrinsically burdened and limited by the very social injustices that it creates for itself.

    In Noble Economics Money is injected into the Economy from the grassroots
    We liken it to the water cycle in nature

    Democratizing the Economy and in actuality for the first time making the Economy a truly open market driven economy – as every Citizen gets to participate and compete freely and fairly – not just the rich and powerful.
    In today’s markets, small new entrants are at an enormous disadvantage against big players irrespective of how good their products and services are. Noble Economy’s Markets are designed to ensure that the overriding driver of success is purely the quality and value of the product or service offered.

  • There are Eight National Markets through which much of the Noble Nation’s Economy operates. Private Entities may freely set up additional markets using the National Market Framework.
    The Noble Economy’s markets are designed to allow businesses to use the platform to build various business models around it such as in providing value added services and creating derivative instruments and products.
    Every Person can directly participate in all these markets, without the need for intermediaries or brokers – making them truly open, transparent, liquid and democratic.

  • – The Primary Means of Controlling the Economy

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