National Security of a Noble Nation

All Individuals and Nations seek security. The National Security of the Noble Nation is established by a seven tier security model.

1st Tier – Spiritual Integrity of the people

The first tier of National Security protects the spiritual integrity of all Individuals in the Nation. Every Individual is enabled and encouraged to attain to the best of their abilities through education and practical mastery, forming a society of secure Individuals established in Wisdom, Love and Order. This is the bedrock of a secure nation.

2nd Tier – Unity and concord of the people

The second tier of National Security is the unity of the Citizenry. This unity is rooted in this constitution based on Wisdom, Love and Order. This unity is practically manifested through the institutions of noble society, economy and government. To safeguard this security, the Nation must ensure these institutions operate as intended by this constitution. Further, the integrity and security of the National Information Framework is paramount, as the unity, concord and the engagement of the people takes place on this platform.

3rd Tier – Economic Prosperity of the Nation

The third tier of National Security is the economic prosperity of the Individuals and the Nation. Economic wealth is the basis of all material strength. The frameworks and Markets of the Noble Economy are designed to create sustainable economic prosperity in union with a healthy and happy society. To safeguard this security, the Nation must ensure these institutions operate as intended by this constitution such that people are motivated and empowered to innovate and be enterprising in economic activity.

4th Tier – National Service Delivery Hierarchy

The fourth tier of National Security is the National Service Delivery Hierarchy (which includes Emergency Services) that ensures timely, efficient and effective delivery of government services to the People, enabling the Nation to run smoothly and efficiently. To safeguard this security, the Nation must ensure the National Service Delivery Hierarchy operates as intended by this constitution.

5th Tier – Federate with Other Noble Nations and Those That Respect Our Noble Principles

The fifth tier of National Security is good friendship. Noble nations shall provide assistance to each other and to other friendly nations that are in need or has requested specific help. This friendly international cooperation will take place as a matter of course, up to the 5th tier f National Security. Assistance at the 6th and 7th tiers of National Security can be offered or requested only with the authorization of the People’s Assembly as specified in section XXX. To safeguard this tier of security, the Nation must engage in this cooperation, maintaining the highest honor and dignity, as stipulated in this constitution.

6th Tier – Intelligence

The sixth tier of National Security is the encompassing awareness and knowledge of adversarial activities towards the Nation. The Nations intelligence gathering agencies are fully subject to Root Law. Wherever Root Law may be violated while intelligence gathering, the consent of the council of elders must be obtained on a case by case basis, under the sole exclusion to the universal applicability of Root Law given in C.X.6. Intelligence gathering, outside of public information, may only be carried out where there is a root law threat to the Nation.

7th Tier – Military Defense Forces

The seventh tier of National Security is the Readiness of Defense Systems to protect the Nation from attack. The Nation may never attack preemptively; may never pursue a retreating enemy with intent to destroy; may not do these things even by proxy. In conflict, the Nation must uphold highest human dignity.
The primary focus of the military defence forces shall be to develop and maintain readiness of defensive technologies that can neutralize every known offensive weapon, technology and tactic.
The first four tiers are the internal tiers and the next three tiers are the external tiers. As long as the internal tiers are healthy and strong, the Nation cannot fall. If the internal tiers are weak, the Nation is as though fallen, no matter how strong the external tiers may be.

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