Next Generation Social, Economic and Governance Platform for Nations.


Fiat currencies are backed by their respective economies, societies and governments. Crypto currencies cannot succeed without such backing. Noble Nation is the first crypto platform to have the full moral and social backing of a real society, economy and true democratic governance.

A decentralized, transparent and incorruptible crypto platform that can solve many of the worlds pressing problems including poverty, war, corruption and injustice. A framework that captures the noblest human qualities of wisdom, love and science to bring about wealth, prosperity and sustainable well-being.

As a token holder, you will be part of this pioneering effort to redefine how societies, economies and nations are built and operate. Your sovereign tokens can be used to engage in economic activity and trade on the noble nation’s economic platform.

ICO Begins 15th April


Current Pre-ICO Bonus:


Next Bonus Tier: 65%

Bonus valid for:

(February 7th 2018 11:59:59 UTC)


Total Tokens Issued:


259 of 10,000,000 SVT

Contribute to Noble Nation ICO:

You can get Sovereign Tokens (SVT) by sending Ether (ETH) to our Ethereum contract address:


(Please click here for detailed instructions.)

By sending ether to the above contract, or by submitting the USD/BTC purchase form, you are explicitly consenting to the token issuance policies and terms of service.

At the time of converting your SVT tokens to the sovereign currency of the Noble Economy, you will be required to provide identity details conforming to generally accepted KYC/AML requirements. Unlike other platforms though these details will be cryptographically protected by the privacy framework backed by the 3rd root law of the Noble Nation (how it works).


The technical whitepaper outlines the philosophical principles of Noble Nation and the architecture, protocols and interfaces of the underlying Chakra technology.

Noble Nation Network

Noble Nation & Chakra Technology

Next Generation Social, Economic & Governance Platform for Nations


Rohitha Perera

01 November 2018


The program whitepaper describes how we intend to use Noble Nation and Chakra Technology to create the worlds first fully decentralized nation and encourage nation states and communities to adopt this platform.

Noble Nation Network

Noble Nation Network

Establishing the Next Generation Social, Economic & Governance Platform


Rohitha Perera

01 January 2018


The Noble Nation Constitution sets out the moral and scientific principles that form the basis of a Noble Nation and defines the specifications for all the Frameworks of a Noble Nation. You can access it at:

This is currently a work in progress and is expected to be finalized before the start of the ICO on the 15th of April.



Token Name:Sovereign
Token Symbol:SVT
Compliant Standard:ERC-20


Pre-ICO Start Date:4th Feb 2018 12:00h UTC
Pre-ICO End Date:25th Mar 2018 12:00h UTC
ICO Start Date:15th Apr 2018 12:00h UTC
ICO End Date:7th May 2018 12:00h UTC
Token Tradable Date:7th May 2018 12:00h UTC
Base Rate
(SVT per ETH):
Base Rate
(USD per SVT):
Soft Cap (USD):10,000,000
Hard Cap (USD): – Not Applicable – 

* Based on mid-February 2018 average exchange rate of USD800/ETH

Soft Cap

A soft cap of US$ 10,000,000 is set for the ICO. This covers the estimated budgetary requirement to successfully mature all essential aspects of the project, such that:

  1. Technology is matured enough to merit its own sustenance.
  2. The global platform is operational with its economy seeded and nurtured to achieve self sustained growth.
  3. At least one model community is operational and proving the physical world viability of Noble Nation.
  4. Noble Nation Network is financially self-sufficient.

Hard Cap

There will be no specified hard cap. All funds received beyond the soft cap will be utilized to:

  1. Invest in more model communities across the globe.
  2. Develop economic activity within the global platform.
  3. Held in National Reserve to strengthen and stabilize the noble economy.

Therefore, additional funds will be tied to real world tangible assets.


During the ICO, the following bonuses apply to reward supporters who contribute earlier and in larger volumes.

Volume Based Bonus:

Noble Nation ICO

The volume based bonus tiers apply based on the amount contributed (X). The same volume based bonus tiers are applicable for both the Pre-ICO and the main ICO. These bonuses are meant to encourage participants to make contributions in larger blocks .


The volume and time bonuses are applied successively. For example, a contributor making a 10 ETH contribution in the first week of the pre-ICO will receive a 75% bonus followed by a 20% bonus on the resulting amount for an effective 110% bonus. Therefore, the contributor will receive 21,000 Sovereign tokens (SVT).


Noble Nation ICO

The time based bonuses apply based on when the contributions are received. These bonuses are meant to encourage participants to contribute earlier on.



Decentralization is how nature works. It is also how societies and economies must work in order for harmony, justice and maximum prosperity to prevail. The current system is broken because present institutions do not understand this. They are too entrenched in self fulfiling centralized systems of power that are prone to abuse and corruption. Poverty, conflict, injustice and corruption are integral to the existing systems of society, economy and government. Uptill now, we did not have the technological means to achieve this decentralization. Chakra technology and the principles of Noble Nation enables the creation of truly decentralized societies, economies and governments – i.e. Noble Nations. Noble Nations can bring forth sustainable economic prosperity, social justice and human well-being, creating a better world for everyone. As a token holder, you will have facilitated bringing this about and making the world a better place, for ourselves and for generations to come.


For contributing, you will be granted Tokens/Sovereigns with which you can  engage in trade in the noble economy. The Noble Economy will be a far more efficient, cost effective, open, transparent and trustable environment to conduct trade and commerce in than any other in existence today. As a pioneering actor in this economy, you are likely to encounter innumerable opportunities to profit and create profitable business models in the noble economy.

We and all the members of Noble Nation will be committed to growing the noble economy and creating a strong and healthy economy with a strong and healthy currency. While Token/Sovereign holders may see an appreciation in the value of their Tokens/Sovereigns, our overarching objective in the long term is the health and stability of the noble economy. It must be noted that any financial returns are dependent on market conditions within and outside the Noble Nation and the maturity of the platform.


Token holders will be part of what could be one of the most monumental developments in the course of human civilization. As an early member, token holders will be able to earn reputation, trust and seniority in the noble society. All are encouraged to participate in the democratic discourse. Those who make outstanding contributions will be recognized, and based on merit, afforded the opportunity to serve in the expert councils that guide Noble Nation’s progress in their specific domains.


Token Distribution

Noble Nation ICO

As seen above, the majority of tokens (66.67%) will go to the ICO participants. The other  33.33% (the pool), is made up of 12% allocation to the Noble Nation National Reserve; 10% for Research and development activities; 7.33% available to be disbursed as pay and performance incentives to the management, founders and advisers; and 4% for the various bounty programs and promotions.

Planned Fund Allocation

Noble Nation ICO

The estimated budgetary allocations of proceeds from the ICO at a funding level around the soft cap is depicted above. Beyond the soft cap, a higher percent of resources will be allocated for setting up and seeding model communities and the noble economy. These funds will therefore be tied to real world assets.



Noble Nation ICO
Noble Nation ICO
Noble Nation ICO
Noble Nation ICO
Noble Nation ICO
Noble Nation ICO
Noble Nation ICO
Noble Nation ICO



Rohitha Perera

Visionary & Strategic Lead

Rohitha is an Electronics & Software Engineer, entrepreneur, small business owner, inventor, technologist, husband and father. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering and a Master’s degree in Engineering and Business Management. Over twenty years, he has worked for both global blue chip corporations and small startups. He has lead his software, hardware, IT & technology consulting business for the last twelve years and has engaged in projects in innumerable domains. Chakra, the underlying protocol and key innovation enabling Noble Nation evolved from his work on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for autonomous dispersed solar powered devices and robotics.

Apart from his professional interests, Rohitha describes himself as an ardent student of philosophy, religion, politics, economics and social science and has devoted the last decade to strategizing a holistic solution to the flaws and suffering he sees in our world. Noble Nation is the culmination of this effort.

Inoka Sirisena

Operations Lead

Inoka is a Software Engineer, team leader and project manager with close to twenty years of experience. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems. Inoka has extensive experience leading teams in multiple engineering and business domains. She has worked with various technologies from business applications to embedded systems and is currently working on block-chain development.

She is passionate about the use of software and technology to improve our world and a fervent supporter of socio-political change to eradicate poverty, conflict and injustice.

Your Name Here

Various roles

Our mission is great and our journey is long – we need all the hands we can get.

We need to build a committed, highly skilled team to achieve what we have set out to do.

Our global grassroots organization is open to everyone who can contribute in anyway. Whatever skill or contribution you can bring to our cause is welcome, but these specialist skills are particularly sought.

Those of you who can bring in solid expertise, are truly passionate about our vision and can create exceptional value in a leadership role, can even join our core team.

please contact us at, if you wish to join.


Noble Nation values, develops and incorporates the ideas of everyone – those who work with us, our well wishers and supporters and even our critics.

If you understand and believe in our vision and you are a highly experienced and strategically positioned individual such as an accomplished professional, entrepreneur, senior executive or senior academic; a celebrity artist or sportsman; a politically influential person or large investor etc.. we would welcome you to join our loosely coupled Strategic Advisory Team that  guides and advises on the future direction of Noble Nation.



Noble Nation is a global social, economic and political movement based around a revolutionary new crypto-block-chain technology and platform called Chakra. This platform is a cohesive and self sustaining society, economy and a governance framework bound by universal moral principles. Our technology and principles have the potential to bring about enormous positive change in our world and correct many of its existing flaws.

Purpose of this Initial Coin Offering

The funds raised from this ICO is to be utilized for the furtherance of the goals and objectives of our movement as detailed in our program white paper. SVT Tokens are granted to you purely as a reward for contributing to our cause and also to encourage you to be an active participant in the Noble Society, Economy and Government. 

What Sovereign Tokens (SVT) and Sovereigns (SOV) ARE and ARE NOT

Ownership of Sovereign tokens or the Sovereign currency implies that the holder is a member of the Noble Nation’s society and has all rights and privileges to operate within the Noble Nation platform in accordance with the constitution of the Noble Nation, including:
1. Participation in the noble society and the merit framework;
2. Participation and trade in the noble economy;
3. Participation in the direct democracy;
4. Participation in all other frameworks of Noble Nation as may be applicable.

The acquisition of Sovereign tokens or currency and/or the participation in any of the above activities implies that the individual has pledged to abide and uphold the principles and the constitution of Noble Nation.

Ownership of Sovereign tokens or the Sovereign currency DOES NOT in any way grant the holder any:
1. Ownership interest in any legal entity;
2. Equity interest;
3. Share of profits and/or losses, or assets and/or liabilities;
4. Status as a creditor or lender;
5. Claim in bankruptcy as equity interest holder or creditor;
6. Repayment/refund obligation from the system or the legal entity issuer.

The Inherent Risks of the Noble Nation Project

While the founding members have committed their lives to the cause of Noble Nation and they will endeavor to the best of their human ability to fulfill this vision, it is not possible to make any guarantee as to the final outcome of our vision and goals.

We do not make any guarantees or representations as to the Token’s/Sovereign’s tradeability, reliability or fitness for a financial transaction – these are all dependent on market conditions within and outside the Noble Nation and the technical maturity of the platform.

In summary, your primary motivation for participating in this ICO should be to support the vision and mission of Noble Nation and to participate in the Noble Economy, Society and Government.

Nationals from all Countries are Welcome to Participate in the Noble Nation ICO

However, you should not participate in this ICO if you live in a country where basic political and economic expression is suppressed and the acquisition of these tokens may violate any laws or regulations you are subject to.

We do not screen participants by nationality as we cannot practically be expected to keep track of regulations in over 200 national jurisdictions across the the world.

Noble Nation Network is engaged in Social, Political and Economic action in conformance with the political and economic rights guaranteed by the universal declaration of human rights while adhering to very high standards of ethics, morality and natural justice. But you are responsible for making sure that you are in conformance with applicable laws in your jurisdiction.

Converting Sovereign Tokens (SVT) to Sovereigns in the Noble Economy

When the beta Noble Nation platform is functional, SVT token holders will be provided instructions on creating an Identity in the Noble Nation, and how to convert SVT tokens into Sovereigns. All trade within the Noble Nation platform will utilize the currency of the Noble Economy, the Sovereign.

To create an identity on the Noble Nation platform, the token holder must agree to honor and uphold the principles of Noble Nation. Each human individual may hold only a single Identity in the Noble Nation. At this stage, they will be required to provide identity details conforming to generally accepted KYC/AML requirements. Unlike other platforms though these details will be cryptographically protected by the privacy framework backed by the 3rd root law of the Noble Nation

By contributing to this ICO, all participants confirm that:

1. You are 18 years or above at the date of contribution.
2. You are not under any restrictions to use the website and participate in this ICO.
3. You have never been engaged in any illegal activity including but not limited to money laundering, financing of terrorism or any other activity deemed illegal by applicable law.
4. You further confirm that you will not be using this website, SVT Tokens or any other system or aspect of Noble Nation for any illegal activity whatsoever.
5. You are the absolute owner of the ethereum address and/or the crypto currency wallet used to contribute to this ICO and have full control over the same.
6. The address provided is a ERC-20 wallet (not an “exchange” wallet).

Apart from the above, all participants are bound by the general Terms of Service ( & Privacy Policy ( of the Noble Nation Network.

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