Bringing Moral & Social Legitimacy to Crypto-Currency

Technology to eliminate poverty, war, corruption and injustice.

Noble Nation is creating a comprehensive solution based on the distributed ledger technology to solve the world’s most pressing problems of poverty, injustice, corruption and conflict. Established upon cryptographically secured social trust in the sovereign individual, and embedding five universal moral principles as its foundation, Noble Nation re-engineers the current government, economic and social systems. The end goal is sustainable peace and prosperity across nations.

Noble Nation is creating …

– The Constitution
– Technology Platform (Chakra)
– Functional Frameworks (Policy and Technology Infrastructure)
– Applications (End User Application)

Pre-sale Now On

Current Bonus: 100%
Current Sovereign Tokens Rate: 2,000 per ETH

To buy Sovereign Tokens and become a member of Noble Nation
send Ether (ETH) to our crowd sale contract address:


(Please click here for detailed instructions.)

Current bonus valid for:

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Next bonus tier: 90%

Pre-sale open until: 20 Feb 2018
Total Sovereign Tokens Issued :


Token Specification

Token Data

Token Name : Sovereign
Token Symbol : SOV
Decimals : 18
Standard Rate (ETH) : 1000
Standard Rate (USD) : 0.30

Pre-ICO Sale

Start Date : 22 Nov 2017
End Date : 20 Feb 2018
Bonus Rate (ETH) : 2000*
Bonus Rate (USD) : 0.15*
* Bonus rate starting at 100% will reduce every week by 10%


Token Name : Sovereign
Token Symbol : SOV
Decimals : 18
Standard Rate (ETH) : 1000
Standard Rate (USD) : 0.30

Issuance Policy

Long term policy of Noble Nation currency will be of price stability.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but we understand that some of our early adopters need a financial motivation to come on board. Therefore in the first three years we will have a policy of strengthening the currency but under a controlled monetary policy.

As the majority of economic actors within the Noble Economy will become economic producers and consumers (and not investors) their priority will be price stability. So we aim to multiply the value 3 times in the first 3 years, to incentivize early adopters, therefore coupled with pre-sale bonuses, investors have a potential of reaping 600% appreciation of their investment. Initially the economy will mainly be driven by the following marketplaces on the Chakra platform:

  • Skills marketplace
  • Education marketplace
  • Escrowed market for general trade of goods and services secured by the core principles and the trust scheme of noble society

Token Distribution/Allocation

Initial pool of 1 million tokens will be pre-mined. Mining of new tokens or burning of existing tokens will be controlled democratically by the community. The token allocation will be as follows:
Initial infusion will be used to control the monetary policy so that the stability of the currency can be maintained. Currency will be pegged against a weighted basket of currencies.

White Papers





Bounty Program

Our bounty program is designed to maximize mutual benefit in line with our principles. Help us spread the word and you will be rewarded with early access to a sustainable and vibrant economy. Please click here to read more.


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