C. II.



  1. Be it by Dharma, God or Nature, free will is a gift granted to the human individual; hence sovereignty is in the human individual. 
  2. The individual only attains to noble states such as wisdom, knowledge and scientific comprehension; the individual only attains to release through love; the individual only attains to Nirvana; the individual only attains to heaven; the individual only attains to oneness with God. 
  3. Associations of people such as governments, nations, races and organizations do not possess the capacity to attain to these states that are noble. Hence sovereignty is in the individual.
  4. The sovereignty of an Association or of the Nation is the sum total of the sovereignty of its individual members or citizens. Without the sovereignty of the individual, there is no just sovereignty of Nations or Associations.
  5. The sovereignty of the individual may be curtailed by the Nation only as set forth in this constitution and only as far as that individual intrudes or threatens to intrude upon the sovereignty of other Individuals.
  6. As the sovereignty of the Nation derives from the cumulative sovereignty of the individual citizens, all discretionary actions of the Nation must be supported by the ‘True Democratic Process’ of the Nation.
  7. Sovereign human individuals are diverse and varied and a noble nation recognizes that no two Individuals are the same. But, it is declared that it is an intrinsic truth that:
    i.   The sovereignty of all individuals is equal.
    ii.  The sovereignty of each individual is limited only by Root Law.
    iii. All action emanates from individuals and all individuals shall be held morally & materially responsible for their sovereign actions uniformly.
    iv. The law contained in this constitution shall be applied to all individuals (and by extension, to all Entities), in the Nation’s jurisdiction, equally.
  8. One who obsessed, be it by hatred, greed or delusion, disrespects this sovereignty of another Individual, violates the laws of dharma and nature and gods will. He initiates a cycle of suffering that is only brought to an end by the power of love & wisdom. Hence the people and the Nation must respect this sovereignty and where ever violated must re-establish justice with wisdom, love and the mechanisms established by this constitution.
  9. This constitution sets out a comprehensive framework in which sovereign individuals may live in peace and harmony, enriching each other, as one prosperous and strong nation.


  1. Where this intrinsic noble sovereignty of the human individual, granted by Dharma-God-Nature, is not recognized and respected or some other source of sovereignty in any entity other than the human individual is recognized, all true law and justice ceases. Whatever done therefrom, no matter how well intended, will always intrude upon the intrinsic sovereignty of one group or another – leading to mistrust, conflict and injustice as is amply evident throughout human civilization.
  2. Once this sovereignty of the Individual is recognized and respected as the sole source of sovereignty, then there is no further need to declare Rights of Individuals as is common in past and present societies. Every sovereign individual has infinite rights, as long his words and actions do not intrude upon the sovereignty of any other Individual as set out in the principle of Root Law.
  3. Wherever there is contention between these sovereign individuals, the frameworks of the noble society, noble economy and noble government set out the mechanisms by which it is resolved in accordance with wisdom-love-natural order.
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