C. I.



  1. At the root of our existence, we acknowledge a morality, law and truth that is universal. A truth that transcends religions, philosophies, mathematics, science and the conceptions of the human intellect. A Noble Nation establishes itself on this common union of truth that most every human – be it a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Rationalist, Atheist, Agnostic or any other can agree on.
  2. This truth, be it called Dharma, God or Nature, corresponds to and is realized through the qualities of Wisdom, Love and Natural Order (Science) respectively. This truth, that is held to be the highest law in a Noble Nation, always …
      i. Converges on to the minimization of suffering & bondage and the maximization of happiness & freedom.
     ii. Corresponds to the reduction of entropy in our spiritual, intellectual and physical existences respectively.
    iii. Conforms to and is manifested through Wisdom, Love and Natural Order (Science).
  3. Every aspect of the Noble Nation, shall and must be established on and operate in accordance with this principle, which is manifested as Wisdom, Love and Natural Order (Science).



  1. A society without a moral foundation and a spiritual purpose inevitably becomes a consumeristic, mechanized society whose only god is money. This principle sets down the moral and spiritual foundation of a Noble Nation while maintaining cultural neutrality.
  2. Natural Order is the scientific, rational & logical structuring of resources, data & processes so as to maximize benefit while minimizing expense (energy/resources) in accordance with the nature of our physical world. In some contexts, this natural order can simply be referred to as ‘science’.
  3. Love is the desire, will, intent, effort and persistence to bring about well-being and happiness (good-will) and to eliminate stress and suffering (compassion) amongst beings (both human and other) in our world.
  4. Wisdom is the mastery of knowledge & nature, across physical, intellectual and spiritual domains. Wisdom manifests as serenity, joy and selflessness that leads to freedom and liberation. Wisdom converges on ‘Truth’ and is the comprehension and practical realization of this ’Truth’.
  5. Natural Order is an expression of love, which in turn is an expression of wisdom and truth. Therefore, true Natural Order can never be in contradiction with Love; true Love can never be in contradiction with Wisdom; and Wisdom can never be in contradiction with Truth.
  6. If such a contradiction is perceived, then that must be due to a deluded perspective, ignorance, or a flawed model of analysis.
  7. Forced or unnatural order that is not built upon love and wisdom, is but a deluded state that will eventually evolve into chaos. This has amply been demonstrated throughout human history.
  8. Nations wage wars and violate Wisdom-Love-Natural Order, whilst asserting and claiming to defend their specific viewpoints of this very Dharma-God-Nature. Today, society has matured to a critical level of knowledge, intelligence and discernment such that we can go beyond this. We can unite together on this common ground of Wisdom-Love-Natural Order, whilst retaining our own unique cultures, religions and identities, to build a truly better future for all.
  9. Today we are able to computationally create artificial intelligence and genetically engineer whole new life forms. These creations can be superior in raw intelligence and physical strength to humans. It is the human capacity for Wisdom-Love-Science that will establish our authority over the very technology that we create.
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