Noble Nation Initial Coin Offering (ICO) - Bounty Program

Noble Nation is changing the world. We invite you to be a part of it and earn rewards for your efforts. Our bounty program is unique with opportunities for those with many different skills and backgrounds to participate. Anyone contributing will be rewarded generously.
Read below for the detailed bounty program.

Why Join us

You will be part of something that benefits you and numerous others. It is an opportunity to reap financial rewards while doing something that will truly make the world a better place. Please note that Noble Nation expects all our bounty program members to conduct themselves in a highly ethical manner and uphold the basic principles of Noble Nation at a minimum. Please read the Rules and Guidelines below.

How to Join Our Bounty Program

Basic Requirements

Anyone can join our bounty program, but at a minimum you must:

For technical & specialist work such as programming, media production and administrative tasks the above is not required, but please indicate what activities you can do and why you think your qualified to do it in the registration form.

Registration and Approval

1. Register & fill in the bounty program membership form
2. Read and understand the Standards and code of conduct.
3. Agree to the Bounty Program Terms of Service and submit form.

On receiving the application to join the Bounty program, we will review the authenticity of your application  and your FB/Twitter/BitCoinTalk accounts as appropriate and approve your membership.

Bounty Program

The Bounty Program & Rewards

Software Development


High Level Marketing

Coverage by mainstream Media
Endorsements & Onboarding of ….

– Celebrities
– Journalists
– Academics
– Politicians
– High Net Worth Individuals

Marketing Administration

– Press Relations
– Social Media
– Supporter Care

Low Level Marketing

Social Media Marketing






Signature Campaigns

– Jr Member
– Member
– Full Member
– Senior Member
– Legendary
– Hero


Getting Your Rewards

For each week of activity, you must report all bounty eligible activity on this form. After submitting your activity report, we will verify and approve your rewards within 48 hours. You will receive the Sovereign Tokens to your registered Ethereum Address within a further 24 hours.

Please note that Bounty rewards will be awarded only for successfully completed tasks that you have undertaken. We will do our best to support you in the tasks you have undertaken, but your success depends on your commitment and effort. We shall make the final decision as to whether the activities have been completed successfully for the bounty to be paid. Any violations of our standards and code of conduct may result in the bounty not being paid and your membership in the program being cancelled.

We will regularly run bonus reward programs for the best performing members.


Bounty Program

When Can I Trade My Sovereign Tokens for Fiat Currency?

Noble Nation Sovereign Tokens shall be trade-able 24 hours after the end of the ICO on the 23rd of March 2018.

When Can I Trade My Sovereign Tokens for Sovereigns in the Noble Economy?

We hope to have the initial Noble Nation Beta start by the 20th of June 2018. You will then be able to convert your Sovereign Tokens into Sovereigns in the Noble Economy and participate in economic activity within Noble Nation.

How Can I Maximize My Financial Gains From My Sovereign Tokens?

To maximize the financial gain from your tokens, please consider holding your sovereigns for a few years. As the Noble Economy grows the value of your Sovereign Tokens is likely to increase many fold.

Rules and Guidelines

Code of Conduct

We are trying to build a better world and that must start from how we conduct ourselves. All activity by our members carried out on behalf of or in relation to Noble Nation must conform to the principles set out in the constitution of the Noble Nation. At a minimum, the following will not be tolerated:

  • Lying, misrepresentation or deception
  • Hateful or vulgar speech
  • Threats or Intimidation
  • Anything that is deemed illegal in the applicable jurisdictions

By your participation, you agree to conform to these principles in all your interactions with the Noble Nation Network, its members and third parties. Noble Nation Network shall uphold these principles in all its interactions with you.

BitCoinTalk Signature Campaigns

BitCoinTalk Signature Campaigns are validated on weekly periods. To qualify for bounty rewards, you must:

  • run the signature for a full seven consecutive days.
  • make a minimum 5 posts within the week.

If you make more than 5 posts within the week, your rewards are scaled by the natural logarithm of the number of posts made.

If your rank changes during the course of a weekly period, you shall be rewarded for that period based on the lower rank. You will be eligible for bounty rewards at the higher rank only beginning the next weekly period.

Social Media Rating

For Social Media Marketing activities, we will give your Facebook and Twitter accounts a quality rating based on our assessment of the number of legitimate friends/followers the account seems to have and are of our target demographic. The bounty rewards for actions done through the account will be multiplied by the account quality rating. Actions done through an account not registered with us will not accrue bounty rewards.

Legitimate followers/friends are those:
– who are clearly real people (not businesses or bots)
– who have reasonable activity on Twitter/Facebook

The Rating will also vary according to the demographics of your friends/followers such as their age, education level and geographic location.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Apart from the above rules and guidelines, all participants in our bounty program also affirm to be bound by the general Terms of Service & Privacy Policy of the Noble Nation Network.

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