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Hi, I’m Rohitha, founder of Noble Nation. Here’s some info about Noble Nation our organization and myself.

What is Noble Nation?
Noble Nation is the practical vision of what nations and our world can be, if we use the best of human wisdom, knowledge and technology available to us today. Noble Nation Network (www.noblenation.net) is the global collaboration of people working together to make the vision of Noble Nation a reality.

Why is it named Noble Nation?
The dictionary defines the word noble as “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles”. A Noble Nation is an association of Individuals who defer to wisdom, love and intelligence to mitigate and rise above hatred, greed and delusion that creates misery in our world.

A Noble Nation establishes a conducive environment and system for a society of such people to nurture and support each other, to prosper and go forward together, materially, intellectually and spiritually in line with these noble principles.

Who is behind Noble Nation?
Currently (public launch – May 2017), much of what is being done is my own work, helped by a handful of supporters. Though I lead the organization for now, Noble Nation Network is designed to have a life of its own, forming a meritocracy of global volunteers lead by the timeless principles of Noble Nation.

As an organization, Noble Nation Network is a global movement with members working all over the world and we coordinate and manage our teams online. We intend to form national organizations in each country, as each country needs to formulate and practically effect the principles and frameworks of Noble Nation from within, in accordance with their local culture, norms and laws. We need all good people who see the truth in our principles and the vision of Noble Nation to come together to join, volunteer and contribute whatever they can to make this a reality. 



About Myself

I’m an Electronics & Software Engineer, entrepreneur/small business owner, technologist, ardent student of philosophy, religion, politics, economics and social science, husband and a father of three kids. Born in February 1976, I am 41 years old as of this writing. I have a Bachelors degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering and a Masters degree in Engineering and Business Management.

My Spiritual Background
I am a Buddhist but was born and grew up in a Catholic family. In my teenage years, I had great appreciation for Christ’s love and studied the Bible extensively. As I grew up, the incoherence and dogma of religion was not reconcilable with my comprehension and experience of love or science. In mathematics and physics I found a spiritual release – which to me seemed like the the language and expression of god. I surveyed the Hindu Vedas, the Quran, and a wide range of classical and modern philosophers in search of a unifying truth devoid of dogma. Eventually, I found the original teachings of the Buddha’s Dharma, free of all religious paraphernalia. In Buddhist philosophy, love is the supreme operating principle and wisdom is the supreme emancipation. The Buddha explains and teaches this in great detail and sets out simple and practical guidelines for social harmony and well-being.

To me, the Dharma was a direct reconciliation of science, religion and all the obvious flaws in the world. The science of the Dharma is timeless and applicable today as it was 2500 years ago. It lends itself to be practically put into use in combination with our scientific and technological capabilities, in our globalized multicultural world. Further, it occurred to me that the love that Jesus taught and the compassion that the Quran speaks of is but the same thing that the Buddha says is the supreme operating principle of the world. To me, all religions, when it comes to worldly matters, are teaching one and the same thing from different perspectives for different audiences.

The worldly flaws of religion are the perversions created by man, in his attempt to use religion to fulfill his greed for power, fame and wealth. Herein, I saw that it is possible to unite the world around these common truths of Wisdom, Love and Natural Order, irrespective of the religious or cultural backgrounds of people and it is the right time to do so.

For the last twenty years, I have devoted much time and energy to reconcile my knowledge across fields to resolve the worlds problems in a single unified and coherent model. Noble Nation is the culmination of this.

My Professional Background
Subsequent to completing my studies, I initially worked as an electronics engineer before switching to software engineering. After a few years of corporate work, I embarked as an independent Software Developer and IT Consultant.

Over the last fifteen years, I have worked on a diverse range of desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps and enterprise grade scalable, distributed and highly fault tolerant back-end systems. My software development team has varied in size from just two to over twenty people.

In the last five years, my focus has been on renewable energy technology. I believe certain breakthroughs in this domain will dramatically alter the global energy equation. Energy being the root cost driver of all things, this will bring enormous benefits for the world (though limited by the present socio-economic-political power status quo).

Chakra, the underlying protocol of the Noble Nation’s Information Framework evolved from my work on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform for autonomous dispersed solar powered devices and robotics. This IoT platform was extended for universal computing application in accordance with the principles and needs of Noble Nation, resulting in Chakra.

Chakra and the National Information Framework will provide a powerful operating platform to all computing applications, while democratizing technology and giving the protections of the Noble principles to a nation’s technological infrastructure. This is necessary to ensure we preserve our human superiority spiritually and to prevent our technological creations from overtaking us.

It will take a lot of effort by a lot of people to bring about such great change. Become part of something truly beneficial for the world – come join hands with us today.

May you be Happy and at Peace

Amalka Rohitha Perera Elayperuma
8th July (Esala) 2017



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Noble Nation Network is a global organization and movement with members working from all over the world. We coordinate and manage our teams online and we don’t have a physical office. If you need to mail us correspondence, please send it to:

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