Creating the constitution, technology and frameworks for a world free of poverty, war, corruption and injustice.

Our wisdom, knowledge and technology has matured to a point where we can reinvent the foundations of human society. We do not have to suffer the corrupt and flawed institutions of government, economy and society driven by delusion, greed and hatred any longer.

It’s time to make a change. A world with sustainable peace, prosperity and happiness is within our reach. Join Noble Nation to make it happen.

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What is Noble Nation?
Noble Nation is the practical vision of what nations and our world can be, if we use the best of human wisdom, knowledge and technology available to us today.

Noble Nation Network ( is the global collaboration of people working together to make the vision of Noble Nation a reality.

Why it is named Noble Nation?
The dictionary defines the word noble as “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles”. A Noble Nation is an association of Individuals who defer to wisdom, love and intelligence to mitigate and rise above hatred, greed and delusion that wrecks havock in our world.

A Noble Nation establishes a conducive environment and system for a society of such people to nurture and support each other, to prosper and go forward together, materially, intellectually and spiritually in line with these noble principles.


A Noble Nation is founded upon a set of Core Principles from which the principles and frameworks of Noble Society, Noble Economy and Noble Government are formed.

The Core Principles

  • At the root of our existence, we acknowledge a morality, law and truth that is universal. A truth that transcends religions, philosophies, mathematics, science and the conceptions of the human intellect. A Noble Nation establishes itself on this common union of truth that any good-hearted human – be it a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Rationalist, Atheist, Agnostic or any other can agree on.

    This truth, be it called Dharma, God or Nature, corresponds to and is realized through the qualities of Wisdom, Love and Natural Order (Science). This truth, thus manifested through the qualities of Wisdom, Love and Natural Order, always …

    (i)… converges on to the minimization of suffering & bondage and the maximization of happiness & freedom.
    (ii)… corresponds to the reduction of entropy in our spiritual, intellectual and physical existences respectively.
    (iii)… is held to be the highest law in a Noble Nation.

    Every aspect of the Noble Nation, including its constitution and technology, is designed to create and facilitate a society established in this Wisdom, Love and Natural Order (Science).

    • Natural Order is the scientific, rational and logical structuring of resources, data and processes such that it conforms to love and wisdom; bringing about the minimization of suffering and the maximization of happiness.
    • Love is the desire, will, intent, effort and persistence to bring about well-being and happiness (good-will) and to eliminate stress and suffering (compassion) such that it opens the door to wisdom and liberation.
    • Wisdom is the mastery of knowledge & nature, across physical, intellectual and spiritual domains. Wisdom manifests as humility, serenity & joy that leads to freedom and liberation. Wisdom converges on ‘Truth’ and the wise comprehend this truth as well as the holistic contextual application of that Truth.
    • Natural Order is an expression of love, which in turn is an expression of wisdom and truth. Therefore, Natural Order can never be in contradiction with Love; Love can never be in contradiction with Wisdom; and Wisdom can never be in contradiction with Truth.
    • Through much of history, nations waged wars and violated every aspect of this universal truth (Wisdom-Love-Natural Order), whilst asserting and claiming to defend their specific view points of this Dharma-God-Nature. Today, society has matured to a critical level of knowledge, intelligence and discernment such that we can go beyond this. We can unite together on this common ground of Wisdom-Love-Natural Order, whilst retaining our own unique cultures and identities, to build a truly better future for all.
  • Be it by God or Dharma or the Laws of Nature, free will is a gift granted to the human individual; The human individual only attains to wisdom .. to knowledge .. to the release of love .. to nirvana .. to heaven .. to oneness with god etc… Hence sovereignty is in the human individual.

    The sovereignty of a nation is the sum total of the sovereignty of its individual citizens. Without the sovereignty of the individual, there is no just sovereignty of a nation.

    Sovereign human individuals are diverse and varied and a noble nation recognizes that no two Individuals are the same. But, it is declared that it is an intrinsic truth that:

    (i).  The Sovereignty of all Individuals is equal.
    (ii).  The Sovereignty of each Individual is limited only by Root Law.
    (iii).  All Individuals shall be held morally & materially responsible for their actions uniformly.
    (iv).  The Constitution and the Law shall be applied to all Individuals (and by extension, to all Persons), in the Nation’s jurisdiction, equally.

    A noble nation, including its constitution and technology, sets out a comprehensive framework in which sovereign individuals may live in peace and harmony, enriching each other, as one prosperous and strong Nation.

    • The moment one recognizes a source of sovereignty in any entity other than the human individual, all true law and justice ceases. Whatever done therefrom, no matter how well intended, will always intrude upon the intrinsic sovereignty of one group or another – leading to mistrust, conflict and injustice.
    • This is seen in most forms of governments and societies from the beginning of human civilization to the present day, where this intrinsic noble sovereignty of the human individual, granted by Dharma-God-Nature, is not recognized and respected.
    • Once this sovereignty of the Individual is recognized, then there is no further need to declare Rights of Individuals as is common in past and present societies. Every sovereign individual has infinite rights, as long his words and actions do not intrude upon the sovereignty of any other Individual as set out in the principle of Root Law.
    • Wherever there is contention between these sovereign individuals, the frameworks of the noble society, economy and government set out the mechanisms by which it is resolved in line with wisdom-love-natural order.
  • There are just six Universal Root Laws that protect the sovereignty and nobility of individuals and the nation. These root laws, which are original, long-standing and traditionally accepted to be true, has no bounds in time and space and may not be added to, modified or removed. Any law or regulation that is contrary to these root laws inevitably create injustice. These root laws are:

    (1).  No Individual may destroy human life.
    Of all things, life is supreme; and human life is the supreme of all life. This law formally protects it.

    (2).  No Individual may take what is not given.
    All righteously owned property and possessions of a person including an Individual’s body, time & data is protected by this law.

    (3).  No Individual may violate that which is protected.
    Unauthorized intrusion into protected property (including ones own body & senses) & protected persons (e.g. children) is protected by this law. 

    (4).  No Individual may tell an untruth, where there is a formal expectation of truth.
    This law protects the dignity and honor of society in upholding truth in formal fora. Truth is intrinsic to the integrity of a Nation and the upholding of Wisdom-Love-Natural Order.

    (5).  No Individual may subject another to intoxicants or poison without their consent.
    The third root law guards against harm via the external senses of the body; this law guards against impairing the person materially from within the body & mind. 

    (6).  No entity may engage in the following restricted businesses without explicit authorization and regulation by the Nation: business in weapons, human beings, meat, intoxicants, poisons and the engineering of beings.
    This law protects society by regulating business activity that is fundamentally morally questionable and directly or indirectly supports the violation of the other universal root laws. 

    All real problems and suffering can be traced to the transgression of these universal root laws. Safeguarding these root laws, safeguards the life, sovereignty and freedom of all individuals and the nation. Safeguarding these root laws is the supreme duty of every person in a noble nation, and no entity may violate this root law – including the government.

    • Historically, governments have enacted copious amounts of laws, mainly with partisan political objectives in mind; lacking any deep understanding of what is just and beneficial to society. The texts of all the laws in force could fill up an entire library. It is impossible for a good citizen to know what is legal or illegal, thereby making a mockery of the justice system which itself becomes a tool of injustice. The notions of freedom and justice in such an environment is fiction.
    • All moral action emanates and is traceable to human individuals. Therefore these laws are framed with respect to the human individual. By extension, these laws apply to all persons (including associations of persons – e.g. corporations); but it is the Individual(s), through the chain of intent or the chain of control, that bear moral responsibility for actions. Material responsibility for actions is borne by all persons including associations and is first determined by the chain of ownership followed by control and intent.
    • Where there is any harm or diminishing of a protected person or property that is intruded upon, then both the second and third root laws are violated.
    • Under the fourth root law, there is an explicit expectation of truth in all public fora of the Nation. Whilst there is total freedom of speech on the National Information Framework (NIF), everything stated in the NIF must be truthful as it is guarded by this Law.
    • In the fifth and sixth root laws: Intoxicants mean everything from mild alcoholic beverages to hard drugs. Poisons mean any substance that can cause injury, illness or death to living organisms. The scope of which includes micro organisms and viruses.
    • The sixth root law specifies the only business domains that require permits and which can be directly regulated and taxed by the government of a noble nation. Whilst businesses outside of these are not directly regulated, the government facilitates their regulation through associations and a certification & standards framework.
    • The nation and associations may set down regulations to govern their citizens/members, in return for the benefits of that citizenship/membership. Unlike law, regulations are limited by time, space, context and persons. No regulation may violate root law.
  • A Noble Nation recognizes Property as of two kinds, namely, …

    (i) Dharma-God-Nature Given Gifts – that which cannot be created by man and being a limited non renewable resource must be justly shared in a just and beneficial manner for all the peoples of the Nation. Namely these gifts include the Land and waterways, the Sea, the Air and all the natural resources therein; The Electromagnetic spectrum; as well as any dharma-god-nature made resources anywhere on earth and in space where the Nation holds rightful dominion or jurisdiction.

    (ii) Man Made Property – all man made produce, both material and immaterial, which can be produced without limit as long as the human endeavor and raw material inputs (both material and immaterial) are available.

    The Nation is the custodian and protector of Dharma-God-Nature Given Gifts and may allocate these resources on leasehold and freehold basis to Persons. In doing so, the Nation …

    (i) … has a duty to ensure that every Individual within the dominion of the Nation has access to these Gifts to fulfill the normal and natural personal needs of the Individual, without charge.
    (ii) … may impose charges for allocating these resources in larger quantities and in unnatural or unsustainable ways.
    (iii) … must allocate these resources for the maximum benefit of the entire Nation in accordance with the principle of Natural Order.

    Man Made Property, being the product of human endeavor, is totally subject to the owner’s discretion. The Nation may not impose restrictions, taxes or charges on owners for the ownership or trade of man made property except under the sixth root law.

    • Imposing involuntary restrictions, taxes or charges on man made property, except in accordance with the Sixth Root Law, would be an infringement of the Dharma-God-Nature given sovereignty and also a violation of the Second Root Law of taking what is not given.
    • A Noble Nation recognizes an Individual’s Time and Data as his own private property. Both of these special (non-material) types of property are classified as Man Made Property.
    • An Individual’s time is the most valuable resource – in fact time is life itself. In prior legal systems, the time of individuals is not given due regard. This leads to a multitude of injustices, inefficiencies, flaws and opportunities for corruption. Recognizing and considering time as property is essential for overcoming many evils present in society today.
  • Natural Order in the context of the Nation is the rational, scientific and data-centric operation of the Nation with the objective of maximizing net social benefit. This is set out in three operating principles that regulate the Noble Nation, including all branches and institutions of Noble Government, Society and Economy:

    (i) Information Rationality: All structures, processes, policies and actions of the Nation must be rational insomuch as being logically and mathematically coherent and must be based on data and models that are accepted as true and valid by persons of wisdom, learning and virtue in the relevant domains of knowledge.

    (ii) Maximum Net Social Benefit: All structures, processes, policies and actions of the Nation must have the objective of maximizing net social benefit. Therefore, a Net Social Benefit (NSB) Model that adheres to Information Rationality and Continuous Improvement, which includes all costs and benefits accruing to the Nation, must back every structure, process, policy or action of the Nation.

    (iii) Continuous Improvement: All structures, processes, policies and actions of the Nation must permit analysis of itself and must be subject to continuous learning and improvement.

    (iv) Devolved Direct Democracy: All policies and regulations of the Nation and every devolved administrative unit must be backed by and be subject to the direct democratic mandate and review of the Citizens.

    Whilst Individuals are encouraged to practice these principles wherever possible, private persons have no obligation or duty to do so – i.e. Individuals have the Sovereign right to act privately in irrational and un-beneficial ways as long as they do not break the root laws.

    Noble Nation’s technology facilitates and ensures that all activities of the Nation’s institutions of government, economy and society adhere to these principles. Every citizen can contribute his knowledge and wisdom in the initiation, formulation and implementation of the Nation’s policies and decisions through the direct democratic framework.

    • It is important to note the distinction here of “Natural Order” as order can be brought about through natural or un-natural means.
    • Natural Order is brought about through love, knowledge and wisdom. Having understood the underlying nature of things, the wise structure systems such that they flow naturally as desired, with minimal entropy creation. Such systems are sustainable, long lasting and are conducive to peace and happiness.
    • Un-natural Order is that which is forced; in the extreme case through violence; typically by those who lack the knowledge, intelligence and wisdom to understand or care. Such systems are unsustainable, do not last long and bring misery and suffering to the world.
    • Unfortunately, today’s world is rife with governments, systems and institutions that attempt to exercise power by imposing un-natural order. Noble Nation Network intends to change this status quo.
    • A Noble Nation’s social, economic and governmental institutions are truly open and democratic and must always function justly with the sole objective of maximizing net social benefit.
Key Features of the

Noble Society

  • Society based on merit and honor
  • Universal justice based on root law that is accessible to all
  • Justice without punishment – justice that protects society and maximizes net social benefit
  • Social Credit System eliminates involuntary poverty
  • National Information Framework – national social network that brings together and facilitates cooperation between all citizens and guests
  • Education Framework – lifelong best in class education for all citizens
  • Health Framework – guarantees the health care of every citizen
  • Association framework – enables efficient formation and operation of institutions based on the association of persons with common objectives
  • Devolved democracy permits communities and groups to maintain their culture, beliefs and preferences without imposing on others
  • The Noble Society safeguards the first and second tiers of National Security
Key Features of the

Noble Economy

  • Trickle up economy (as opposed to trickle down) – new monetary system that reflects the true nature of money
  • Banking system centered around Social Credit – ensures capital availability for all
  • Monetary system and Social Credit System allows real time fine grained control of money supply and inflation
  • Transparent National Markets with equal access to all individuals
  • The Sovereign Individual is the center of value and prosperity creation – every citizen is treated as an enterprise and an entrepreneur
  • National Information Framework – democratizes ‘Big Data’ and creates an even playing field for all
  • Creatives Framework – guarantees intellectual value creators are rewarded justly
  • Standards & Certification Framework – enables professions & industries to standardize, improve & regulate themselves
  • The Noble Economy safeguards the third tier of National Security
Key Features of the

Noble Government

  • Founded and Structured to uphold the core principles, truth and transparency
  • Direct Democratic Legislature in which every Citizen is a member
  • Purely Meritocratic Executive 
  • Meritocratic Judiciary based on wisdom, love & compassion
  • Policy formulation and decision making process guarantees the views of every citizen is considered
  • Objective of all government institutions is to maximize net social benefit
  • Government Finance without involuntary taxes
  • National Information Framework gives every citizen access to and control of their government
  • Incorruptible government by the people, serves the people and upholds the sovereignty of the people
  • The Noble Government operates the fourth tier and the three external tiers of National Security                                                                 


Historically, there have been various attempts to establish some of the principles of Noble Nation, but it is technology that enables the successful practical implementation of these principles today.

The National Information Framework

The constitution of the Noble Nation and the Core Principles on which it is based, is practically realized through an Information System called the National Information Framework (NIF). The NIF is a direct expression of the Core Principles, and provides the basis of operation of the Noble Nation by practically enabling and facilitating all processes and frameworks of noble government, economy and society. In this role, the NIF forms a layer across all tiers of national security and is the logical model & foundation for the health and prosperity of the nation.



To fulfill the core principles, the architecture of the NIF must be rooted in the sovereignty of the individual and the democratic association of such individuals in accordance with noble principles. No Individual or entity should be able to subvert or compromise the Core Principles within the NIF.

Traditionally, IT systems were client server based – this implied absolute trust in the server, emulating government and socio-economic systems with centralized authority. Just as such central authorities were prone to corruption and abuse of power, these client-server systems are also vulnerable to abuse, misuse and attack. In response to this, and the eventual loss of trust and the vulnerability of these centralized systems, peer to peer computing arose as an alternative paradigm.

However, as peer to peer computing assumes no trust or reliability in the participating nodes, they are generally less efficient and bring trade offs in reliability, scalability and/or performance.

Chakra Protocol and Type System

To fulfill the needs of the NIF, a new architecture and set of protocols were designed, named Chakra. Chakra manifests the core principles of Noble Nation, and is the underlying set of protocols and the information architecture on which the NIF is built.

Chakra Information Sphere (i.e. Chakra Space) is made up of peer nodes which are tied to the cryptographically secure identities of sovereign individuals. Within Chakra Space, all things of relevance are represented as Entities.

The peer nodes have social trust and democratically cooperate to form a meritocratic hierarchy that is robust, reliable and resilient to attack, corruption, & abuse, whilst being infinitely scalable.

This Trusted Peer Meritocracy renders service to the Nation with the efficiency of a client server system and the reliability, robustness, scalability and resilience to corruption and abuse like that of a near ideal peer to peer system.


The NIF based on Chakra is the first and current rendering of the principles of Noble Nation in technical form. As technology evolves the NIF may be realized in different ways.



Our aim is to have the majority of nations adopt the principles and the technology of Noble Nation. At which point our efforts will culminate in a world where peace, happiness and prosperity will be within everyone’s reach.

In order to get there, we have a lot of work ahead. Our objective at present is to complete the constitutional and technical frameworks, and establish a virtual global Noble Nation that is open to all people. This will be used to practically prove and refine the concepts and principles of Noble Nation. This in turn will spread awareness of the practicality and the benefits of Noble Nation, and encourage its adoption.


  • Create a reference constitutional framework for Noble Nations.
  • Create a technological framework for Noble Nations.
  • Create an operating framework  for Noble Nations.
  • Evolve the Noble Nation Network into a global virtual Noble Nation – a first practical test and proof of concept.
  • Advocate, encourage and support associations, corporations, organizations and businesses to adopt the principles, technology and frameworks of Noble Nation (the principles and frameworks of Noble Nation can be applied to any organization, not just to government).
  • Advocate, encourage and support individual localities, regions, states and entire nations to adopt the principles, technology and frameworks of Noble Nation.




Ultimate Goal

Majority of governments of the world adopt Noble Nation,
leading to a  world where peace, happiness and prosperity prevails for all.




Work Threads

The diagram below shows the three major threads of work that we are currently engaged in.

  • Technology: developing the frameworks, processes and technical infrastructure.
  • Activism: Building awareness of the principles and practical benefits and lobbying for adoption.
  • Adoption: Ensure the smooth, systematic adoption of Noble Nation by governments and organizations.

General Milestones

June 2017

  • Formal Establishment of the Noble Nation Network
  • Specification of Aims and Objectives.
  • Constitutional Template v0.1
  • Chakra Protocol Specification v0.1
  • First Public Disclosure & Promotion of Noble Nation
  • Start bringing together a strong community of like minded people.

December 2017

  • Constitutional Template v1.0
  • Chakra Protocol Specification v1.0
  • National Information Framework v0.1 (Alpha)
  • Noble Nation Social Network*

* First Alpha stage public testing of the Global Social Network established on Noble Nation technology and principles

June 2018

  • National Information Framework v0.9 (Beta)
  • Noble Nation Social Network open to public.
  • Organizations, Businesses and Government agencies can start adopting Noble Nation.


It takes all of us to build a Noble Nation. We need to take our message to every individual on the planet. We need to build the core infrastructure for the global network. There is an enormous amount of work to be done. Everybody has something unique and beautiful to contribute in making the world a better place. Any contribution you can make at whatever capacity is invaluable to Noble Nation. Your support is what will make it happen. 

Share  .  Donate  .  Volunteer


Please help spread the word. Tell your family, friends and colleagues…  Join the conversation on our forums, on Facebook, on Twitter.

Noble Nation is run purely on donations of good will and support by well wishers. Your contribution to Noble Nation will strengthen and sustain us. Please help create beneficial change in the world in a way that no other government, non-governmental or corporate body ever has, by being a part of that effort.

Volunteer to make a change

We need volunteers to support us at every level, across domains and across the world. Everybody who sees the truth in our principles, believe in our aims and objectives, and want to be a part of this, is welcome to join us and contribute. The Noble Nation Network carries out its work as a gift to ourselves and to the whole of humanity.


Our volunteer organization follows the principles of meritocracy and democracy. As the development of our technology (Chakra Protocol and the National Information Framework) progresses, we will use it to effectively collaborate democratically and meritocratic-ally.

There is no doubt that the principles of Wisdom-Love-Order will succeed one day, as truth always succeeds. But it is up to us to ensure that this change happens quickly and gently.

You can help further this goal, whoever you are, where ever you are. Please volunteer, donate, follow, share and tweet. You can also create an account on our forum and engage in the discussion.

Specific Skills

Whatever skill or contribution you can bring to our cause is welcome, but the following specialist skills are particularly sought:

  • Software Engineers 
    Develop the underlying components of the Chakra protocol and the National Information Framework
    Web Developers 
    Develop the frontends for our applications and web sites
    Application/UI/UX Designers 
    Design awesome user centric front ends for our applications and web sites
    Project Managers (Agile) 
    Oversee tech projects and teams
    Look after our web sites and servers

  • Video Production Specialists
    Design, direct and produce videos that clearly and beautifully communicate our vision
    Graphics Designers
    Communicate our vision through stuning graphics and imagery
    Content Writers
    Write articles, scripts and content to communicate the principles of the Noble Nation to different interest groups
    Technical Writers
    Help us write edit and perfect the constitutional and technical specifications
    help us translate all our content, user interfaces, articles and general communications to all the languages of the world!

  • Volunteers – Grass Roots/Outreach
    Whoever you are, whatever you are wherever you are, everyone’s got something unique to contribute – get involved and see where you fit in.
    Local Group Leaders
    Give leadership in local programs and projects.
    National/State Organizers
    Organize and coordinate all our activity at national and state level.

  • Administrative Assistants
    Take care of all the day to day nitty-gritty
    Social Organizers
    Can you organize and give leadership to large distributed grass roots social movements?
    Social Researchers
    Research, analyze and identify social impact opportunities and threats
    Legal Experts
    Help us navigate the legal landscape and roadblocks that we will inevitably have to face as we move forward

Together, let’s make real change for a truly sustainable peaceful, prosperous and happy world for ourselves and for our children.

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